Pollock on Soft Plastics

I cannot remember the last time I went out on the Kayak to fish for Pollock. I have always been sidetracked by targeting more uncommon species which has greatly reduced the absolute fun side of my fishing which is pretty much why I took up fishing in the first place. My father and I decided with the Easterly blowing we would fish a sheltered area of the bay where there is relatively deep water with good kelp beds and rocky ground. We we going to put the fun back into the fishing and get some hard fighting Pollock.

The tactics we decided on was to use soft plastics. I opted for a Fiiish Crazy Sandeel on one rod while on the other I rigged up a Lunker City Slug-Go in pearl white coloring which is a favorite of mine. I rigged these up simply by attaching a Cox and Rawle Brass Ball Bearing Swivel with Snap and then using a lead head which allowed me to keep in contact with the soft bait while jigging it on the bottom. The snap swivel allowed me to change the lead head should I have required more or less weight.


It was not long while paddling and trolling my soft bait that I had the first take. Full of excitement I grabbed the rod and landed a small Pollock. Delighted with this I headed over to where my father was fishing and started drifting while jigging the Lunker City Slug-Go. Fish after fish came to the surface as the tide came in. Every fish making a desperate bid to bury itself in the mass of snags hidden below the surface.


I don’t think my small spinning reel has had such a tough day out but it stood up to the task and made the fishing even more fun while trying to stop the Pollock . Jigging the soft bait to imitate an injured bait fish is the idea when I am fishing for Pollock.


vlcsnap-2015-04-21-20h15m17s146Nothing to complicated when it come to catching Pollock on soft baits but it is a whole lot of fun. We fished the incoming tide this evening and lost count of the Pollock we had caught.




Here is a video from the afternoons fishing.

Until next time,

Tight Lines.



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