Stocked Trout on the Fly

Weather seems to be the topic of conversation in most cases these days. Rain, rain and more rain has fallen and with this the wind has been blowing non stop making any trip out on the kayak absolutely a no go. So what do I do in this particular circumstance? Well I always have my shore angling background to fall back on and target some fish around the coast but this time I chose something a little more different and a variation on what my normal fishing outings consist of.

My buddy Allen gave me a call over the holidays and said he had an idea. Intrigued I enquired what he had on his mind and to my relief it was fishing related. He was very keen on fishing for stocked trout on the fly. Needless to say I was already packing my fly gear together. We decided on a day and the location was Laois Angling Centre. Looking through this venues website and recent catches and what exactly I could expect from the place, I was delighted to see some monster trout can be caught at this venue.

Laois Angling Centre

Personally stocked trout fisheries would not be on my top priority but I would take any kind of fishing over none. The venue has both trout stocked lakes and coarse fishing lakes to cater for various angling desires. For myself and Allen, we would be fishing the fly only lake where a trout of over 20lb can be caught. So we arrived early enough to be greeted by the owner of the fishery who advised on the fly patterns to use and general information about the venue. Down to the lake we went and we bother fished floating lines and varied the flies throughout the day.

Lake View

The wind was variable and there were a few gusts but nothing that was to bad. It was only a case of moving around the lake and trying to cover the fish that were showing. WP_20160103_19_35_50_ProLooking for signs of fish is key, or finding features that may hold fish. This is certainly the case when fishing a new venue. I moved around the bottom end of the lake where the water was draining in from an upper lake. I thought that this bit of water entering the lake might draw some trout in. I was fishing a Goldhead Red Montana on the point and an unweighted Green Montana on a dropper. A couple of casts later and I was into a fish.

Brown Trout 1 Fight

Brown Trout 1 fight 2

Brown trout 1 fight 3

Brown Trout 3

I have to say that these stocked trout at Laois Angling Centre are in amazing condition and put up a great fight. This lovely Brown Trout was released after a couple of photos. Not long after this I moved towards the corner at the back end of the lake where I thought that with the wind there might be some food blown down into the corner. One or two casts later I was into another fish and two seconds later I was off. Strange but that is fishing. I casted into the same area again and remarkably I was into another fish almost immediately. This time a solid hook set and a great fight again. Another great conditioned brown trout and quickly released again.

Brown trout 2 fight

Brown Trout

Now that I had caught the Brown Trout it was time to see could I get into the Rainbow Trout that were in the lake. For this I changed the flies and fished some Buzzers. The technique used was to fish them as slow as possible and try cover and fish that may show themselves. In the meantime Allen got into the fish and was rewarded with a nice Rainbow Trout. We moved around to the front of the lake and fished the Buzzers. I hooked up and had a great little battle with a lovely Rainbow Trout. Once again the fish was released and we fished on.

Rainbow Trout

After this the fish were taking really well and we had a good few fish between us. I have to say that it was a really enjoyable day and when the weather is as bad as it has been for the last few weeks it is great to get a bend in the rod. Flyfishing seems to bring with it a sense of satisfaction when catching a fishing on material tied on a hook, but putting a plan into action and seeing the fish landed is by far the greatest bit of satisfaction.

Laois Angling Centre was a great place to visit and the fish were of excellent quality. I will be visiting this place again due to the hard fighting trout and as a little treat to myself. A venue well worth a second trip.

Here is a short video I put together of the day.

Until next time,

Tight Lines.






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