Feelfree Fish Bag – Keeping the Fish Cool

On many occasions I have been in the predicament of not being able to carry some sort of cooler bag or something to keep the fish I catch as fresh as possible. In the middle of the summer months, any fish stored in the rear well is soon to be a victim of the sun. So to over come this problem I was in need of a cooler bag to store bait and my catch of the day.

bantry-logoBantry Bay Canoes are brilliant in solving issues I have when I need to improve my kayak fishing to make it more comfortable and hassle free. I was shown the FeelFree Fish Bag Cooler. Now, I fish from a Hobie Revolution 16 and the first question that came to my mind was – will this fit on my kayak?



My question was purely based on the fact that the FeelFree Fish Bag was designed for use with Feelfree Kayaks. So with this in mind it was a quick test to see how this Fish Cooler could be incorporated into being part of my Hobie Revolution 16. The front hatch on my Revolution 16 will not be used while out fishing and will only really be used for access when running cable or fitting any additional items to the kayak. The idea of mounting the Feelfree Fish Cooler on the bow of the kayak was something that would suit my style of fishing and would be out of the way.


Now that this cooler would work on my kayak I can go through a few details to outline why I chose to use this cooler. The Feelfree Fish Bag comes in two different sizes which are large and medium. I decided to use the medium size as it fits perfectly on the bow of the kayak. It is large enough to store bait and of course fish. The bag itself is very light and thus will create no extra weight burden while out on the water. It has numerous mounting clips that made it very easy to mount on the Hobie. This was done by clipping down the bag at various points on the bungee cord which holds down the front hatch.


The inside of the Feelfree Fish Bag is lined with an insulation foil to keep anything inside cool and away from the sun. But Feelfree have included an extra removable liner bag that folds close and is held inlace in the main bag via velcro. This is brilliant as fish and bait can be stored in the liner bag which will keep the main bag free from fish which makes cleaning very easy.





Access to the inside of the Feelfree Fish Bag can be done in two ways. There is the main front entry which is opened with two zips on the side and a velcro flap over the top. When out on the water it is easy to gain access into the bag which makes things a little easier while out on the water. The second access point on the Feelfree Fish Bag is via the top. This is a velcro opening that gives direct access into the internals of the Fish Bag. A carry strap has also been included to make transporting the bag with fish in very easy.




I really do like the feel of this bag and the quality is very good. I can’t wait to get out and test it and see how good the insulation properties are. I plan to take some small ice packs with me to keep my bait from thawing out to quickly and becoming warm. Big thanks to Bantry Bay Canoes for once again providing me with what I need to make my fishing that bit easier.

The specifications for the medium sized Feelfree Fish Bags are as follows:


Length: 16.25 in / 41.28 cm
Width: 23.6 in / 59.94 cm
Height: 7.4 in / 18.8 cm
Weight: 2.75 lb / 1.25 kg
Volume: 46 L

Until next time,

Tight Lines.


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