An afternoon well spent..

So how does one spend a Sunday afternoon? Well if the weather is somewhat decent I will always try and get some fishing in. It just so happened that yesterday proved to be a spur of the moment kayak day out. Now, I had planned on fishing as I dug some fresh lugworm in the morning with the intention of heading out for a cast anyway but to get the kayak out is the more preferred option.

So with the fresh lugworm packed in damp newspaper and kept cool they were in Daiwa Ninjaperfect condition for a session in the afternoon. I decided to fish a spot which is sheltered from the wind, which was a little breezy, but also throws up some cracking fish from time to time. I know from this spot that I need not bring any heavy gear but rather stick to my little Daiwa Ninja 2500 coupled with a Team Daiwa dropshotting rod which is a lovely little setup and fishing a 1oz weight is great. On the other rod I was using another light setup with a small baitcaster and both reels were spooled with the Daiwa J-Braid in 9lb breaking strain.

My rigs consisted of the tried and tested single hook ledger rig which was tied up using 12lb Daiwa fluorocarbonWP_20160612_08_32_07_Pro and a very good hook pattern for holding worm baits neatly was tied on. This hook comes in the form of the Cox and Rawle Aberdeen Match in 1/0. I like to use this size hook as I am not really sure what may be around but the hook itself is very capable of holing big fish and I have landed good bass on this hook without any trouble but being a smaller hook allows me to catch some of the smaller fish that may be around and they make a fantastic flatfish hook too.

Weights were dependent on the tide and a 1oz was perfect at the slacker stage of the tide while a 2oz was fine in the running tide. I anchored up and baited up my first rod and cast it out away from the kayak. While baiting up the second rod I had a rattle on almost immediately. I set the hook and had a great little fight on the smaller rod which came up to be a decent flounder. He was quickly released and the rods were cast out again.


What happened for the next hour can only be described as manic to the point were I was fishing one rod at a time. Every time the bait hit the water, within two minutes and sooner I was into a fish. They all were small school Bass but there were so many of them which is great to see. I released all my Bass due to the size of them and also with the new Bass rules in it is still closed season. I was just out to see what was about and not targeting anything in particular but I was plagued by these little feisty guys which were great sport on the light setups.

Small Bass


vlcsnap-1929-11-03-10h51m51s129  vlcsnap-7903-04-09-09h42m10s943

For about close to an hour I had fish after fish which was some amount of action but nothing of any size but I was not complaining as there are worse ways of spending an afternoon. As the the tide slackened off I noticed a good few Mullet around and I had a couple of White Ragworm which I dug in the morning with the lugworm. So out went a bait with some White Rag and I was getting small knocks straight away. I missed a few until I finally hooked one and it was a no wonder why I had missed so many rattles, it was the smallest Golden Grey Mullet I have ever caught. I had a laugh to myself before taking a serious photo!

So that concluded another day and an evening on the water. I have to admit it was really enjoyable just being out there for the afternoon. I think that is what is the most appealing aspect of my kayak. I can get away from it all and catch fish!

Until Next Time,

Tight Lines.



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