Stingray down South..

As the title goes I had planned to go south today in search of a Stingray. Yesterday I had Plaicefished a rock mark with my father and managed to get a few fresh Mackeral that would be perfect for today’s session targeting a Stingray and I also managed a lovely little plaice which was a welcome sight on the end of the line. I have not really paid much attention to this mark for the Stingray this year as its really not got me wanting to go there….if that makes any sense…

I seem to be very occupied by outside distractions which seem to be taking away from my kayak fishing so to get out today and be out on the water with no one around is just what I needed and also with a few Stingray thrown into the mix the day would be all the better. I arrived in the car park for around 6:00am as I wanted to get there early and leave around lunch time. I had to wait a little for the sun to rise but i didn’t mind this.

The plan was to fish two light action boat rods couple with two Daiwa sl20sh multipliers which of course are spooled with none other than the Daiwa J-Braid in 30lb breaking strain should I encounter anything of real size. I also bought along my Daiwa Theory lure rod which is very light but still capable of holding its own. This was coupled with a Daiwa Ninja 2500A, spooled with Daiwa 9lb J-Braid.

Traces were kept simple and as always the trusted single hook ledger rig was all I used with the addition of around 10cm of knotable nylon coated wire just incase there was a sneaky Tope around and this would prevent the Tope from biting me off. Todays tide was very slack so there was no need to fish anything over 3oz of lead as this held bottom perfectly and with an easy tide running there was not much weed to deal with. My hook pattern is the tried and tested Cox and Rawle Uptide Extra in a 6/0 size. It may sound a little big but I don’t really like handling Stingray and with the bigger hook it makes unhooking that bit easier.

Baiting up with a full side of Mackeral and using a small amount of bait elastic to hold the top of the bait above the eye of the hook in the tide, I set both rods out in front of me. As the tide turned to come in I had my first take. A solid run and I lifted into the heavy weight as the fish continued to take line. I was sure I was into a Stingray and I was not wrong as a Stingray came to the surface almost looking at me with their sinister eyes. I managed to lift it up for a quick photo before removing the hook and letting it go. I really try not to handle the stingray to much for obvious reasons.

Stingray on line

Sting Ray

While waiting for takes on my rods fishing the bigger baits I was using my smaller rod to see what was underneath the kayak using small baits. I managed to pick up some fresh Mackeral and had a few small Dab as well. One of the more interesting species to turn up was a little Grey Gurnard. They are an interesting species in the way they seem to walk along the bottom.

Grey Gurnard 2

I had another two more smaller Stingray to the side of the kayak which I unhooked in the water. By this stage it was nearing lunchtime and with that I decided to head back in. Before heading in I used a thin strip of Mackeral on just a size 10 hook , slowly trolled behind me on the way back. I know there are a good number of Garfish here and it wasn’t long before I had two or three of them in no time.


I also hooked up into a small seatrout on the way in which came as a surprise but welcome all the same. A great little fight on the light rod and then releasing him back to continue on his journey.

Holding Seatrout

So that just about did it for this outing. I loaded up the car and headed home to unpack, wash down the kayak and dry gear and get it all ready for the next day out.

Until next time,

Tight Lines.


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