Short Pike Session

I am not a big Pike angler but when the weather at this time of year is not great for getting out on the sea I tend to give the Pike fishing a little go before the sea fishing picks up. I really just go out to have a bit of fun on lures and chasing a crocodile is not on my bucket list. So I have a small lake near enough to my partners place and it holds a decent amount of Pike in it but nothing big. A 7lb fish is a good one on this lake and thus using smaller lures is key on this water.

The middle of the lake is around 20ft in depth with no structure or features to hold fish and so I just stick to the margins where the lilly pads grow in the summer. With the water temperatures down over the winter the lilly pads disappear but leave behind some weed bed beds for the Pike to hide out. the depths around the margins is no more than 10ft at the most with a lot of the areas around the 6-7ft range. Knowing this I use shallow running hard baits and soft plastics rigged on light Jig heads.

Diana UK sent me over two lovely rods I was eager to try out. The two rods come out of the Specialist Light Lure Rod range. The first is the Shad Caster at 5-21g and the second is the lightest in the range, the Drop Shot 1-9g. These rods are so light in the hand and are comfortable to work lures with and not to mention that good looking yellow Finnish on them. On the Drop Shot rod I used my Daiwa Ninja 2500 spooled with 9lb multicolored J-Braid. The second reel on the 5-21g was my Daiwa Saltist Spinning 3000 which is spooled with 20lb multicolored J-Braid. Both cracking reels and I am loving the Saltist Spinning.

Lures varied throughout the day but I took along a Lure from Daiwa called the Grubbin Shad in 10cm lengths. I have the UV chartreuse with gold flake and a UV pearl color. I had various weighted Jig heads and of course some trust Duckfin Shads.

The fishing was a little slow in the morning but picked up later in the day. I managed a decent Pike for the lake and a couple of smaller ones. I think rather than babbling on about how I caught them and on what, the best thing is to watch the video below.

Anyway, that was a good day out and a nice simple way to spend the day when the wind is blowing all over the place.

Until next time,

Tight Lines.


A little update before the weekend…

March is here and the weather is playing havoc with getting out on the kayak so far this year. I have decided this year to step back from the whole just getting on the kayak to catch anything approach to picking days that will let me get back into enjoying the day out. Its more about me getting to enjoy the the latest tackle innovations that have been sent out to me and feeling that fish at the end of the line. It sounds simple but that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day.

So what are the plans? Well, for a start this weekends weather is not looking great but I have planned a session or two with fellow angler and friend Pat who is looking to travel down to the Kerry region. Where we will fish will be dependent on the winds but with its unpredictable nature at present we may have to decide on location in the morning. 20170226_181218Sure look, it will be good to get out again and I have some lovely rods send out from Daiwa UK that are itching to get a bend in them as well as that beautiful Daiwa Saltist Spinning 3000 that I have just loaded with 300m of 20lb Daiwa J-Braid in my favorite multicolored line lay.


What about the Salmon on Lough Currane? A frustrating place but the beauty and peace of being out there on my boat and having a laugh with the lads makes up for the hours passed without a run. I have had numerous Kelts since the season has opened but no sign of that fresh spring fish but I am persistent and very confident that my efforts will be rewarded at some stage. Every time we have decided to head out on the lake, Sion, like he always does, fills my head with stories of screaming reels and big spring fish. Its only a matter of time. I have to say though, I don’t think I have ever been so challenged to catch a species of fish in my life. But I am new to the game and soon I feel.




I have just received my new Hobie Sidekick AMA kit. I think with my Hobie Revolution 16 having the length but a slightly narrower hull the sidekicks will make a huge img-sk-float-stack-001difference to the capabilities of the kayak. I am looking forward to the huge difference in increased stability where I can actually stand up without fear of overturning. The arms on the kit will make great places for rod holders for trolling. I cant wait to fit them and will get a video up to show how they fit and hopefully include the first trip with them.


So until this weekend I can only hope that the weather plays ball and allows the kayak to be launched but if not then the lake will surely get a rattle for a while and fingers crossed one of the reels makes that sounds that most anglers love.

Until next time,

Tight lines.