Yak Attack GearTrac Install

So with the arrival on my new Hobie Revolution 16 it has finally come time for me to start rigging it up to how I want for my fishing outings. YakAttack in the US had sent me Yakattack Logoover some GT90-12 GearTracs which allow me to add additional equipment like my fishfinder, rod holders or other items I may want to have mounted on my kayak. This track system provides a sturdy platform that allows accessories to be added and removed with ease. Although the YakAttack GT90-12 GearTracs comes with nuts, washers and bolts, I opted for the FullBack backing plate that comes with threaded holes thus making for easier installation and creating a more solid fitment with a reduction in movement. All that needs to be used are the supplied stainless steel bolts that come with the GearTracs.



The first decision I had to make was the location of the GearTracs on my Hobie. The decision was based on what I would need to rig on the kayak. I knew straight away that I wanted rod holders on either side of me infant of my seating position and I would also be mounting my fishfinder on the GearTracs in front of me too. I had one issue which was that I wanted some GearTrac behind me on one side to have a rod holder mounted here to keep a rod out of the way when fighting fish. I may also use this for my Visicarbon Pro Hobie Flag but I am yet to decide on this. So with the locations in mind I knew I would have to cut one of the GearTracs to have a piece behind me while still having a decent length left for the front.



I made the decision to cut one of my GearTracs and its back plate. I decided that I would cut a piece that would incorporate three pre drilled holes to ensure I had a good solid fitting. I measured out the desired length and cut the GearTrac and back plate. To give the GearTrac a good finish I used a file to smooth off the edges and round the corners. Once done I was happy with the two lengths and now had to mark out where their final position would be.




After selecting my locations I made sure that there was enough room for the GearTracs to be installed and that there was nothing underneath to obstruct the back plate. Once this was done I laid the GearTracs down and when happy with the final location I marked the location of where the holes had to be drilled by marking on the inside of the already predrilled holes on the GearTracs.





With the position of the holes marked, the next step was for me to drill them out. This is always a daunting task knowing I was drilling holes into my brand new kayak. I checked the diameter of the bolts supplied and then chose the drill bit accordingly. Taking my time and making sure to line up the drill and holes was important so that the backing plate fitted correctly and snug. I went around and drilled all the holes.


Drilling Holes

The next step in the installation was to have a dry fit together to ensure that all the backing plates and the GearTracs lined up correctly before I added some sealant and tightened them down fully. Happy with the dry fit I then proceeded in adding some good quality silicone sealant to ensure a watertight fitment and that no water could seep into the hull through the drilled holes even though the holes were drilled to the bolt diameter. I only added enough sealant around the holes on the GearTracs. There was no need to add anymore than this.



I then lined up the GearTracs on the drilled holes. The tough bit was reaching inside the hull and lining up the backing plate but once two bolts were started the rest went in with ease. I made sure to tighten all the bolts to make a good solid fitment.

Tighteneing bolts 2

Once all tight the job was done and I was finished adding my first rigging to my Hobie Revolution 16. I was eager to see how items may be fitted to the GearTracs and was there any movement. I used a No. 438 Scotty Gear-Head Track Adapter to give it a test. I am more than happy with how sturdy the GearTrac is on the kayak. There is no movement and I would be more than confident to add my rod holders now.



So thats my first addition to my new Hobie Revolution 16 and just one of the few that have to be done. A big thank you to YakAttack for getting the pieces over to me in fast time.

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